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Goal Oriented.

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Personal, 1-on-1 Coaching in South Florida


A No-Nonsense Approach To Neuro Linguistics and Life Coaching


Achieve Your Goals

Let us help you come up with a plan of action and execute it! Our life coaching techniques will allow you to unlock your inner resources, help you create a plan of attack, and follow through to realize your potential.

One-On-One Coaching

All of our Coaching, Recovery, and Dreamsculpting programs are uniquely customized to your individual needs. At ADR Life Solutions, no two of our clients are the same.

Unlock Your Unconscious Mind

Within each of us, there is an unconscious mind. Our Hypno-Therapeutic and Neuro-Linguistic strategies will help you align your conscious and unconscious mind using realistic, pragmatic tools.

About ADR Life Solutions

ADR Life Solutions offers Nationally Certified Life Coaching for all different levels of engagement for those in need of guidance, motivation, and personal support. ADR Life Solutions’ Life Coaching, Recovery Coaching, and NLP-influenced programs are geared toward providing help to those in need. Whether you are struggling with substance abuse or another form of addiction, need help developing essential life skills, or are working through traumatic experiences; our innovative Neuro-Linguistic Coaching platforms are designed to help you set a personal or professional goal and see it through.

What Coaching with ADR Life Solutions offers is the ability to positively reinforce change for anyone dealing with a temporary or a lifelong obstacle, or who is going through a transition and needs a helping hand. An ADR Life Coach can help their clients avoid the common pitfalls of life, build a strong foundation, help to strengthen relationships, and attain life goals. Coaching is unique from typical process therapy in that it is pragmatic, goal-oriented, and forward-facing. ADR offers family services for the family members dealing with addiction or other issues, so they can learn the tools needed to set healthy boundaries and to recover as a whole. We also offer financial coaching that works on repairing any financial damage caused by problematic lifestyle choices, such as rebuilding credit and more. At ADR Life Solutions, know that no matter what the issue or situation, you will never have to do it alone


Our Glossary

Unsure of what level of coaching or support is right for you? We have you covered. Please see our glossary of terms to learn more about the coaching option that best meet your needs.

Therapy vs. Coaching

Recovery or Life Coaching offers a more future-focused, goal-oriented alternative to conventional process therapy, for individuals looking to make practical improvements to their quality of life.

Our Services

ADR Life Solutions offers a full range of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Recovery and Life Coaching programs that offer one-on-one interaction with a certified specialist in you area of need. Start your journey today!