What Makes Us Different?

Too often, people find themselves frustrated and stifled with the actual or perceived direction their life is taking them in. Many times these feelings of being lost or rudderless are due to past events, such as family history or traumatic experiences, that inform how someones vies his or her life and future. In order to overcome these problems, it requires reaching out to a trained professional, who can provide a fresh perspective on tackling seemingly insurmountable problems.
This is where ADR Life Solutions comes in. ADR is unique, because it combines practical, goal-oriented coaching modules with advanced NLP therapeutic techniques in order to provide sensible, action-related planning. Along the way, we help our clients work through the root causes leading to feeling “stuck” in life. Our unique set of integrated NLP / Coaching services can work for anyone, from people operating in high-stress scenarios, to those dealing with family-of-origin issues.

Services Provided by ADR Life Solutions Include:

ADR Life Solutions at the FADAA Convention | What Makes Us Differen

2016 FADAA Convention with Sec. Mike Carroll

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Sober Companionship
  • Family Recovery Coaching
  • Gambling Addiction

Our Coaching programs are suitable for anyone looking to radically reform their lives, whether that involves overcoming a dysfunctional or maladaptive behavior like substance abuse, or dealing with stressors due to a demanding career, or even preparation for a significant life-change – ADR Life Solutions tailors its program and approach specifically to the needs of our clients.
For those struggling with addiction or other maladaptive behaviors, we offer specialized Recovery Coaching dealing with substance use-related issues such as:
    •    Alcoholism
    •    Drug Addiction
    •    Overspending
    •    Gambling

ADR Life Solutions’ outcomes are results driven – if there are no tangible results, there is no point in being coached. We employ a no-nonsense attitude and our focus and commitment is to help you achieve your goal or dream, in a healthy and sustainable manner. ADR Life Solutions includes Nationally Certified Life Coaching that is specifically geared towards dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. ADR Life Solutions offers affordable options, available for those in need of guidance, motivation and personal support. Contact us today to find out more information on how it works and how you can get started today.

“The most important object of any coaching relationship is to establish rapport, so that trust can be built.”

Alec RosenFounder, ADR Life Solutions

About Our Founder

Alec Rosen, born and raised in New York City, was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age. He faced many issues in school, and discovered at the age of 13 that he would receive his education in the real world rather than in the classroom. He began working to help support his family, and not long thereafter fell victim to the life-threatening disease of drug addiction and alcoholism. He faced many obstacles and challenges early on in life, until finally making the decision to attend a treatment facility in Boca Raton in 2011. After completion of the inpatient program, Alec began working as a loan officer for several financial institutions – quickly recognizing that this occupation was not quite as fulfilling as he had hoped. He wanted more out of life. Alec attended The Addictions Academy, where he became a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC) specializing in Relapse Prevention, and a Nationally Certified Life Coach. Alec is also a Certified Professional Coach dealing in Gambling Addiction, Food Addiction, and Family Recovery Coaching. Alec also attended Bennett-Stellar University, where he became a Licensed Practitioner of NLP.

Alec suffered from a tumultuous childhood, which included his father’s diagnosis and death due to brain cancer. Alec served as a caretaker to his father during his last days. Because of his own experiences, Alec has taken a special interest in family recovery and processing trauma as well as family dynamics. Additionally, Alec is in the process of becoming a Certified Addiction Counselor and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist – Youth (CRPS-Y) in the state of Florida. Today he has an undeniable passion for helping others in need, as well as a contagious, optimistic energy. He is extremely goal-oriented and outcome-focused when it comes to dealing directly with our clients.

Alec Rosen, found of ADR Life Solutions of Deerfield Beach