Family Coaching

ADR Life Solutions’ program in Family Recovery Coaching is comprehensive and geared towards assisting your family during their most difficult times.  Whereas the addicted member of a family may receive therapeutic or coaching help during their period of rehabilitation, too often the family of the addict does not receive the help they need to also recover. There are a critical lack of programs available to teach family members how to deal with the changing family dynamics as one of their own struggles with a substance use disorder or endeavors to recover.  The families of the addicts are often confused or misinformed about addiction and where to turn to in order to deal with past issues or the constantly shifting familial landscape.

With ADR’s Family Recovery Coaching Program, our goal is to aid the family of the addict or alcoholic tackle issues they would normally be left to deal with on their own. Many times family members of the family unit are unsure of the course of action to take while their loved one is in treatment or actively using. Long periods of enabling or codependency during a family member’s active addiction leave the rest of the family feel lost, confused, angry or even hurt when that addicted family member leaves for treatment. There are common pitfalls regarding unrealistic expectations, that the addicted loved one will suddenly be fixed or cured after treatment. 

As The Addict or Alcoholic Must Seek Help, So Too Must Their Family in Order to Recover.

At ADR Life Solutions our goal is to aid the families of the addicts that so desperately need assistance navigating the recovery terrain for both themselves and the addict or alcoholic in their family. Our Family Recovery Coaching Program helps to explore all the family roles using and examine the dynamic the family plays in the addict’s life and the effect the addicted family member has on the family as a whole. We assist with legal issues and other extraneous circumstances, and also coach the family in dealing with interpersonal walls like defense mechanisms. Our aim is help the family function as a unit, and to coach the families in becoming more cohesive and healthily communicative.

Part of allowing the family to fully recover is to help them look for underlying resentments and repressed anger towards individual members within the family unit. ADR’s Family Program will also prepare the family unit for the addict’s return from a sober living or inpatient treatment stay. Our Family Recovery Coaching instructs every family member to be inter-personally effective with one another. We also educate the family on the disease of addiction, and coordinate with other therapists and case managers that are in the addict’s life, to better guide the family through the process of recovery. Our Family Recovery Coaches adhere to strict Ethics, Standards, Confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance.