ADR Life Solutions | Life Coaching Program

Life Coaching is a broad set of coaching modules available to both individuals struggling with addiction, as well as people not in an addiction but who are looking to radically improve their lives.  As part of ADR’s Life Coaching Program, we specialize in teaching our clients vital skills for any stressor or situation. Life Coaching has become over time the vanguard of the self-improvement field, and people are to a greater degree hiring life coaches over traditional psychotherapists to work on certain specific issues and areas of their lives.

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At ADR Life Solutions, the goal of our Life Coaching program is to assist you, as our client, in making progress in all areas of your life: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, business, school, and so forth. Our goal is to get results, and our goal is become someone you trust and can be open and honest with, so that we can work together to achieve your goals

Why Life Coaching?

Whereas traditional psychotherapy is more oriented towards the processing of feelings and emotions, and the examination of past events, Life Coaching is a more objective-centric approach to self-improvement, dealing with personal advancement in a pragmatic way. Life Coaching is not a replacement for traditional process therapy if needed, and our Life Coaches can work in tandem with your therapist or treatment institution to ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront. Life Coaching focuses on future outcomes and how to achieve your desired future or goals in a healthy manner. Our techniques are driven by results and include working with you to determine an objective and to come up with an actionable plan in order to reach that objective.